Metal roofing for flat roofs

Alugraf is the metal roofing for low slopes roofs characterized by complete watertightness.
Product indicated for flat roofs with minimum slope 1%.

Advantages of Alugraf system

Alugraf no holes

No holes

Roofing sheets are snap-fitted on appropriate highly resistant plastic clamps, which enable the sliding caused by thermal expansion. This fixing system enables to get a roofing with no holes or visible fixings, and at the same time it avoids thermal and electrical bridges.

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Drainage channel Alugraf

Drainage channel

Alugraf system was created to guarantee complete watertightness: for this aim, we studied 4 drainage channels, conceived in a way that when water pressure increases the possibility of infiltration dicreases. The forced joint between the elements and the cap prevent water from filtering even in extreme situations.

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On site production Alugraf

On site production

Alugraf system components can be realised directly on site with no length limit. By using mobile roll forming unit we can produce directly on site sheets of any length ready to be lifted, solving in this way problems of transport, handling and storage.

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Why Alugraf?

Low slopes roofings cannot be faced using traditional products with short elements, because of both high costs and weight: by the way, the main problem remains that traditional roofings cannot guarantee watertightness on great spans and low slopes.


Alugraf system has a great resistance to walking also thanks to the working of microcorrugation of the sheets.

Watertightness guaranteed

Watertightness in adverse weather conditions thanks to the drainage channel that conducts to the gutter any seeping caused by beating rain.

Extreme lightness

Aluminium, with natural or prepainted finishing, is the material with the best performances both in terms of mechanical characteristics and of corrosion resistance.

easy to install
Easy to install

Alugraf is extremely quick to install: the quick and easy jointing system enables shorter installation times.

Substitutive interventions

Innovative and practical system for maintenance, every element can be easily disassembled and re-assembled even after some time.

cuved roof
Possibility to curve sheets

Alugraf system sheets can be curved by micro roller curving.