The Alubel Group

Our history:
a precious resource we share with our customers.

The Alubel Group

Alubel Spa, leader company in Italy for the production of metal roofing and facade cladding systems, is part of a group with more than 50 years’ experience and has distinguished itself in recent years for the design and implementation of many different and technologically cutting edge products in the construction sector.

Our staff

If you always intend being part of the market with winning products you need qualified personnel that can interpret the company’s mission in the best possible way and create the right team spirit, from the research and development department to production, from the sales network to assistance and advisory services. The only absolutely essential target is Customer satisfaction with whom we try to establish a relationship of constant comparison which is of paramount importance if we want to better meet all his needs and, on a larger scale, to anticipate the demands of a continuously evolving market.

Alubel Engineering

We of Alubel work each single day to solve issues, finding the very best solutions: the issues are our challenges and these challenges are what have kept us focussed on bettering ourselves over the years.

We of Alubel believe that producing excellent roofing starts with its design. Today more than ever innovative roofing for specific needs requires attentive feasibility studies before ever starting to install them. This is why Alubel Engineering was created: you have all the experience of our technical staff at your disposal to help you with your most important projects.
Graphic design, calculating material requirements, preparing specifications: whatever you need technically, we of Alubel Engineering will do our best to satisfy you.
Alubel Engineering is the ideal combination with an innovative roofing system such as Alugraf: We will follow you, step by step, to find an answer to all your demands and come up with the most complicated technical nodes as well as the excellent implementation of elements projecting from the roof.All this means that you can plan with extreme flexibility and simplicity.


Our path of growth has its roots in the ability to combine great expertise with great skill and know how in the metal façade and roofing sector.

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Million turnover

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Values count too, not only numbers: rules that guide our work towards maximum customer, designer, architect and entrepreneur satisfaction.

Focus on the customer

Our path always begins by listening and interpreting what the customer needs, up to the choice of the most suited product. Our products are designed to meet the needs of specific and different sectors: industrial, public and residential. Alubel is organised to offer its maximum both to big companies, medium and small enterprises and to private customers, thanks also to the Alubel Point stores which can be found nationally and internationally.

Wide range of products

Today Alubel offers a comprehensive range of products, encompassing many different types of roofing systems and claddings as well as specific soundproofing and insulating products. Supporting the designer and the end user and helping them in their choice, selecting the solution that is most suited to their particular needs is an integral and fundamental part of our business.

The added value of the services

From free inspection and estimate, to advisory and designing services, up to the metal flashings division that supports the customer to ensure a perfect result: all the activities we do to guarantee the best possible experience to our customers are numerous, precise and specific to accompany them along the path that begins with the project, extending to implementation and way beyond, with protracted warranties that can reach up to 50 years on certain products.