Applications and construction details

Applications and construction details

Key features of Alugraf System make the product extremely flexible, giving wide range of application fields, always guaranteeing Roofing watertightness.

Where to use Alugraf

Alugraf flat roof
Flat roof

Roofing without sloe, where specific solutions must be adapted to guarantee watertightness.

Alugraf Two slopes roof
Two slopes roof

Roofing composed by two opposite slopes and a central ridge.

Alugraf Shed type roof
Shed type roof

Multiple roofings with single slope, divided by an internal gutter.

Alugraf curved roof
Curved roof

Arched roof characterised by a ridge line without slope.

Alugraf pitched flat roof
Pitched flat roof

Roofing with a single constant and unvaried slope.


Alugraf flexibility lies in the possibility of installation in several fields of application.

Alugraf on telescopic structure
  1. Cement floor
  2. Transpirant membrane or vapour barrier
  3. Omega steel profile
  4. Steel adjustable feet
  5. Insulation
  6. Alugraf System
Alugraf on steel structure
  1. Steel deck
  2. Z Profile
  3. Vapour barrier
  4. Insulation
  5. Alugraf System
Alugraf on wood beams
  1. Wood floor
  2. Transpirant membrane or vapour barrier
  3. Wood purlins
  4. Insulation
  5. Alugraf System
Alugraf on Alutech Dach sandwich panel
  1. Sandwich panel Alutech Dach
  2. Wood purlins
  3. Alugraf System
Alugraf on “Y” concrete beams
  1. “Y”concrete structure
  2. Old fiber-cement roofing
  3. Alugraf System