General presentation

roofing system with no limits

Alugraf is a metal roofing system composed by 3 elements:
sheet, cap and clamp.

It’s a roofing system with double draining effect: the specific structure of the drainage channel guarantees total protection even in case of low slopes and extraordinary weather conditions.

metal roofing sheet low slopes


40 mm
Maximum length:
No limits, roll forming on site
400 / 500 / 600 mm
Minimum slope:
Aluminium alloy 5754
pre-painted aluminium alloy 5754
pre-painted steel
stainless steel

Alugraf starts from a simple idea: avoiding limits that standard roofings have, thanks to its innovative characteristics.

Alugraf components

Alugraf components

Sheet, clamp and cap are the three essential elements of Alugraf system: thanks to their shape we created a high-performance product. The specific snap-fitted jointing system doesn’t need screws and guarantees high performance to your building.

1 - Sheet

The sheet is the main element of the roof and has a shaped profile obtained by continuous profiling (either in the factory or on-site) of the metal roll chosen. Sheet width can be chosen out of three centre to centre distances: 400-500-600 mm. The ends of the sheet are shaped to guarantee the mechanical characteristics or watertight properties boasted by the system.

2 - Clamp

The bracket is the element that joins the roofing to the underlying structure and is made with a plastic material (polyamide) that combines high strength to great reliability proven by its use for decades in many different industrial applications. The bracket is screwed to the structure with fixings suitable for the type of structure.

3 - Cap

This element completes the roof closing and consolidating the coupling between sheets. It is made by continuous profiling of a roll of the metal chosen that can be different from the one used for the sheets.

Standard surface finishings

Simil RAL 6021
Simil RAL 9002
Simil RAL 9006
Simil RAL 7016

On demand finishings

Entire RAL color range and specific coil coating on request.