Key features

Key features

Versatility and flexibility of this system enable to realise roofings of large-scale buildings with single sheets and no joint for transversal overlapping. Roofing watertightness is guaranteed by Alubel patented system, formed by a drainage channel completed by a snap-fitted jointing covering element, that works as a cap.

drainage channels
Drainage channels

Alugraf system was created to guarantee complete watertightness: for this aim, we studied about 4 drainage channels, conceived in a way that when water pressure increases the possibility of infiltration dicreases.

no overlapping Alugraf
No overlapping

In case of bad weather conditions or low slopes, Alugraf is a system that avoids the classic sheet overlapping.

on site roll forming
On site roll forming

Alugraf profiling unit has been studied to be installed on a container, enabling in this way production directly on site.

no screws on Alugraf system
No screws

Alugraf doesn’t need screws: the shape of our three elements allows an installation without perforation.

easy to install
Easy to install

Alugraf is extremely quick to install: the quick and easy jointing system enables shorter installation times.

easy to maintain Alugraf roofing
Easy maintenance

The particularity of the three elements conceals an important characteristic: any maintenance can be done simply by taking off the cap.

thermal expansion Alugraf roofing
Thermal expansion

Alugraf peculiar sheets which are separated between one another but at the same time connected, enable the normal movement of the sheets due to thermal expansion.

Alugraf symmetric profile

Alugraf is a symmetrical sheet: this means that there is no limitation during installation, guaranteeing extreme flexibility.

thermal cut Alugraf
Thermal cut

Using Alugraf system you can easily separate the roofing from the structure, reducing thermal bridges.