On-site roll forming

On-site roll forming

Always guaranteeing the same quality of Alugraf system, it is possible to ask for a roll forming unit directly on site: when sheets are too long to be produced in our factory or when reduction of delivery costs is needed, it is possible to request Alubel roll forming units, which are sheltered in specific containers ready to be delivered all over the world. Here below some priority advices to be considered during production on site.


  • Strictly necessary to verify access to the worksite considering sheet length and roll forming unit dimension.
  • Ground area has to be flat and compact, to allow the use of our roll forming unit and normal sheets handling.
  • Electricity supply is requested: please contact our technical staff for further information. As an alternative, Alubel can provide electricity power unit directly on site.
Close position
Close position roll forming unit
In-line position
In-line position Alugraf roll forming unit

Coil: storage and handling

  • If Alubel’s crane is requested, it is strictly necessary to provide the proper area for handling operations.
  • In case of roll forming unit, it is necessary to provide high capacity forklift to handle coils.
  • Coils must be protected from humidity to avoid oxidation.
  • Coils, storage and handling are under responsibility of the client.
 storage and handling coil

Sheets: storage and handling

  • In case of roll forming on site, Alubel provides two operators just for the roll forming unit.
  • Manpower for handling of Alugraf sheets is required: as an indication, 1 person every 5 meters of sheet length is required.
  • Solution to handling Alugraf could vary depending on sheets length: contact Alugraf staff for further information.
  • In case of storage for long periods, sheets must be protected from humidity and a proper ventilation must be considered to avoid oxidation.
  • In case of protective film on sheets, it is strictly necessary to consider Alubel’s manual of storage and installation
storage and handling Alugraf sheets

Tilt packs to reduce stagnating water risk


  • Symmetrical shape of Alugraf system gives extreme flexibility when placing packs on the roof.
  • Lifting of Alugraf system must guarantee the integrity of product itself; ensure that load bearing capacity of roof substructure is sufficient.
  • Alubel can provide a certified lifting beam to help during lifting operations.
  • It is possible to study other solutions: contact Alugraf staff for further information.

Maximum lifting beam: 36 m

lifting alugraf sheets

maximum sheets length: 60 m

Alugraf lifting beam