Alugraf can be curved according to the bending radius required by the customer, directly on site after the production of the plane sheet; upon request, it is provided with various widths.

Micro roller curving of the system

Developing a specific micro roller curving technology, it is possible to curve the cap following a specific radius.

notching system on Alugraf roofing
Ri S = max sheet length
aluminium other materials
13 m 16 - 18 m max 13 m
15 m 18 - 20 m max 15 m*
20 m 20 - 25 m max 15 m
25 m 25 -30 m max 17 m*
30 m 30 -35 m max 25 m*

* extra standard workings

Variable width

Upon request, Alugraf can be supplied with various widths: 400, 500 and 600 mm. The profile symmetry, together with the possibility to vary its width, make it an extremely flexible product able to satisfy different needs.

variable width Alugraf sheets